Knife EP

by Tape Runs Out

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A re-release of the Knife EP, originally from 2015. Includes two new tracks and updated versions of the others.


released June 29, 2017

Liam Goodrum-Bell
Rich Barker
Yasmin Prebble
Ellie Winter
Clare Myerscough
Takeshi Kanemoto



all rights reserved


Tape Runs Out Cambridge, UK

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Track Name: Knife
I just had the craziest dream
I was waiting for the knife but the feeling never came

The city always sounds like worlds dissolving
You ask me but I don't know what these hands are holding
I'd rather be in your apartment
Making plans to just do nothing
Let's get started

There were colours and circles and pieces of bone
There children and animals playing and I was alone
And the universe seemed to be pulling me into
The places unknown
There were colours and circles and I was alone

I've been taking it back one by one
Track Name: Silent
I watch you break down
And turn into muscle
With satisfaction and a sense of achievement
I control my own skin
If I want to change it
Then it's going to happen

I still remember the feeling
I keep trying to hide you away
I hear the sound of you breathing
But it's all over for now

Until the sun descends like a dying balloon
As if the helium burned out too soon
(I watch you break down)
And the stars appear like bullet holes
In the roof of a car in a scene from an action film
(I watch you break down into muscle)
It keeps coming back

I still remember the feeling
I keep trying to hide you away
I hear the sound of you breathing
But it's all over for now

Shoes will tie themselves in the future
We will eat each other in the future
Towns by the beach in the future
Won't last long
Track Name: I'm So Happy (I Could Explode)
Things are going right for me
It's a day I thought I'd never see
I could explode I'm so happy

But hold on
Something's not right
A dark shape just out of sight
I can feel my chest getting tight
I can't breathe I can't breath

Just remember that I'm
So happy
And things are going right for me
I've got everything I really need
No wonder I feel so lucky

But wait

Why do I feel like I'm fading away
Track Name: Sand
In the desert I can't tell if you're taller than me
And the cars could be toys, could be one mile could be three
But I've still got some sand in the back of my head
In my eyes, in my bed
The desert has followed me home

I bathed in the grains
Gave strange nicknames to my veins
See the time stamps in my mind
Making costumes out of lines
I'm mostly made of space
But I'm stuck in my head
In my place
In my bed
I woke up with sand in my eyes

The creases in my hands are filling up with sand
Sand is like water
It goes where it wants
Track Name: Red Vines
At the edge of the frame
The watercolours get pale and washed out
It's like you're not even trying
You told me Van Gogh only ever sold one painting in his life
Then shot himself
So you'll follow his career up to a point
Don't take lend me your ear as an order
If this is good enough for you
I guess it's good enough for me
But now you're taking orders
At the newest vegan restaurant in town

It's not going to happen
If you don't make it happen
Track Name: The Church
Shoes tied up tightly
Ready for the last time
Now they're playing your favourite song
Just as you requested
I know you'd be so happy
To see us all together
We'll keep all your things safe
And your room the way you left it
There are so many flowers
The church smells like summer
She's here with her family
They loved you like you were there own
It doesn't feel like goodbye
I don't think it ever will
Track Name: Jury
There was an audible gasp as the defendant walked in
Just like the sharp intake of breath before wind instruments kick in
Or like the last lungful of air before you dive in for a swim
Or like the sound you made the first time someone brushed against your skin
He wore a tightly fitting suit he must have bought when he was smaller
He didn't know he'd grow so much he just kept getting taller
When the judge asked him his name his short term memory seemed to falter
When he answered he looked up and made eye contact with the jury

Don't do this again